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Suction food quality hose

High quality, resistant hose assigned to suction and pumping of liquid foodstuffs with subpressure up to 0.063 MPa;
applied as conduits for liquid foodstuffs such as: drinkable water, milk, milk products, juices musts, beverages with alcohol content : blue (concentration max 40 % ), white (concentration max 40 % ), red (concentration max 96 % ) and acid food with pH ≤4.5

working temp.: from -30°C up to +70°C periodically up to +140°C during rinsing of hoses with hot water or steam;
tube: rubber EPDM, white, smooth;
reinforcement: textile and steel wire coil;
cover: rubber EPDM/SBR, blue, red or white with cloth impression;
inside diameter, mm 20,0...250,0;
wall thickness, mm 6,0...10,0;
working pressure, MPa 0,2...2,0;
length max, m 6,0...20,0.

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